Night Songs - Reviews

Folk Radio UK Artist of the Month the interview

"..for those moments when some mindfulness is needed, Franc Cinelli’s ‘Night Songs’ could be the ideal soundtrack to bathe yourself in." Folk Radio UK  album review

"Husky, folksy, loose and laid back. Eastern blends with western."  Americana UK

"‘Night Songs’ is one of the best Folk albums of 2019" Neon Music

"A soundtrack to red wine, cold evenings and dark windows, a great listen." Northern Sky

 'A healthy dose of spiritual cleansing and demon

conquering with the help of varied influences crossing

both Eastern and Western folk music, from Blaze Foley

and John Martyn to Dion DiMucci and Bobby Womack

to N. Ravikiran and Ravi Shankar' - Folk Radio UK

“there is a quietude and thoughtfulness to Night Songs.”

“Night Songs makes us want to open a bottle and sit up

all night with him sharing thoughts and stories, drunken

philosophers putting the world to rights. Whether the

world in question is the size of the planet or the size of

a candlelit room, Franc Cinelli has a song which fits it

exactly.” Dancing About Architecture



“Franc Cinelli fuses Eastern & Western folk influences,

contemporary songwriting & luxurious arrangements on

Night Songs” Bliss Aquamarine

"A roosty, bluesy, folky confection"  ✮✮✮✮ R2 Magazine

Americana UK 8/10

Whisperinanhollerin 8/10

Classic Rock 8/10



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