Franc Cinelli


Song Circle Studio in London is where I make my records and get to produce some fantastic artists as well. It's also where I make soundtracks for films & tv and the occasional ad.


 Music For Pictures is what I like to call anything I feel like making that doesnt necessarily "conform" to what would fit on a franc record. 


I've come to relish the opportunity to write & produce music outside of my comfort zone and make records that can tell a story in parallel with film. It's a chance to connect with the listener in a way that's very different from when I'm touring & connecting with the audience in a much more primal way. I love doing both and I hope that working on one makes me better at the other.


Below is a selection of some of my "Music For Pictures". There's a playlist with some short edits of things I've written recently and below some music I've written and released under different guises, which is also proving a very cathartic experience! I hope you enjoy the music &

if you’d like more info on any of the music, or have a picture of your own you’d like me to write some music for, just get in touch. franc x