Franc Cinelli

Welcome to my site! I'm a singer-songwriter living in London & originally from Rome.
Help yourself to an EP of some of my songs here.
Hope you enjoy having a look around the site, enjoy the music! Franc x

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"Fly" from the album Night Songs


August, 2022

I'm over the moon to finally be able to 'unveil' my "MUSIC FOR MOVING PICTURES". Many times I've had the immense pleasure of composing music for films & tv and some commercials as well - I love the challenge of writing to film and trying to create a piece of music that helps tell the story & highlight the emotion of what's happening on film. I also love the process of collaborating with directors and visual creators. So with that in mind, I've been composing music to films playing in my imagination and I've thoroughly enjoyed adventuring into some unchartered musical territories for me.


"MUSIC FOR MOVING PICTURES" is a catalogue of about 200 pieces of music (and counting) I've composed in various styles, from folk to ambient and classical contemporary - with a bit of rock n roll for good measure, of course. I've included my most recent records as well in the catalogue with the instrumental mixes as well. 

On the page you can search the individual songs by genre, mood, instrumentation & tempo. You can also browse the album page and look through all the music that way. 

All the tracks are available to stream / download for personal use and if you're interested in using any of the music on something YOU are working on, just get in touch. I'm also still writing bespoke pieces for projects which are not in the catalogue.