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"A Most Magnificent Star" by Franc Cinelli

22,000 words

Young adult fiction


Set in present day, the repercussions of 'The Event' are being felt across the world. People live in fear of future  aftershocks The Event might deliver, and are too afraid to go outside. Children are stuck indoors, bored and longing for how things used to be. Henry finds an old telescope in his Auntie’s attic and discovers a diamond shaped star in the sky. He stumbles on how to make contact with the star by blinking through the telescope and sends out an S.O.S. The star receives the signal, comes down to earth and sprays a cloud like substance everywhere. After the star’s interjection, the effects of The Event seem to have been reversed. It comes to light that the Diamond Star did not actually spray anything of substance onto the Earth and it was actually the people’s willingness for things to change that made it so. Henry is joined on this adventure by the charming Dr. Air who as head of the Interstellar Communications Committee (ICC) brings his free spirited view on science which helps guide Henry along the way. 

“You see, ultimately my dear we are all but one frequency.” Dr. Air

The book will be accompanied by a six part audio version, complete with music. Listen to the first episode here:

About Franc Cinelli

Hailing from Rome, the London-based singer/songwriter, producer, and composer long ago dedicated himself to capturing slices of life in song. It’s a commitment he’s embraced through five albums that have not only built upon on another in sound and style, but also endeavored to tell stories that transcend time and place. 

Alongside his work as recording artist, Franc Cinelli founded Song Circle Studio – his own boutique recording studio in central London. In addition to producing independent artists he composes for tv, films & commercials, including cuts for a Volkswagen TV ad & BBC documentary series soundtracks. 

Find out more at his website.

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