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From The Porch

Franc Cinelli

A collection of instrumental acoustic tracks with an Americana feel. Arrangements comprise of acoustic guitars, mandolins, pianos, organs and percussion, all recorded live. The songs all share a reflective ‘on the road’ feel with a distinctly natural sound.

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Final CallFranc Cinelli
00:00 / 02:49

Dark and dreamy acoustic track with an Eastern influence. Acoustic guitars, drone strings and percussion

In ResponseFranc Cinelli
00:00 / 02:19

Gentle Nashville strung acoustic guitars and percussion create a peaceful dreamy atmosphere.

Keep RunningFranc Cinelli
00:00 / 01:56

Americana folk track with finger picked acoustic guitars, mandolin and slide guitar evoking a feeling of travel and exploration.

Major 7 IncidentFranc Cinelli
00:00 / 02:45

A dreamy mix of sparse acoustic guitars and warm hammond organ creating a peaceful & tranquil atmosphere.

Time Doesn’t WaitFranc Cinelli
00:00 / 02:15

Tension and movement in this acoustic track with Eastern influences. Acoustic guitar and autoharp lead the way for the added brushed snares and picked acoustics to create peaceful & motivational feeling.

Warming To The IdeaFranc Cinelli
00:00 / 02:14

Warm and vibrant Americana folk track. Acoustic guitars & mandolin create a bright a cool feel.

Freeze FrameFranc Cinelli
00:00 / 01:51

Picked minor key acoustic guitars followed by deep and moody synth organs to create a cinematic & dramatic feel.

Tall TalesFranc Cinelli
00:00 / 02:29

Peaceful acoustic track with finger picked guitars leading the way to a string section and percussion along with slide guitar and glockenspiel to create a peaceful & emotive feel.

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