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December 2023

I’m pleased to share this ongoing series of instrumental pieces I've been exploring called "Elements".

What I find so appealing about writing instrumental music is that relying only on melody and harmony can allow so much more to be said  than a song with lyrics ever could. 

Lyrics can be literal or can be interpreted but they’re telling a story which you might relate to. But an instrumental song is simply trying to find a window into you. If that happens, then you create within it your own story and your life experience. And that is very exciting indeed for me as a the music maker and you the listener. I hope you enjoy these tracks and be sure to  keep coming back  to the playlist as I’ll be adding more, maybe down the line I’ll put your favourites on an album.

The series is only available on you tube for the time being. 

Listen / watch here:


Thanks for listening 


Home Is A Hammer

November 2023

Songs seems to arrive just when I need them most. The things we love are the things we need to work on cultivating the most. I'm happy to be able to finally share this song, I wrote it when I was over the pond last year and recorded it with my pal Mike Seay at the Bomb Shelter Studio in Nashville. After I came back to London I picked at it on and off for several months until it felt right. I'm sure there will come a time soon enough when I'll feel it needs more tinkering, but for now I'm happy to share it. I hope you enjoy it and I hope it makes you feel good. 

happy listening.

Listen here:

Everybody's Got A Reason

September 2023

Overjoyed to share a new song with the planet. Listen to "Everybody's Got A Reason" on all platforms here. 

Watch the video on you tube here.

Thanks for listening 

Everybody's Got A Reason COVER_EDIT.jpg

From Somewhere

August 2023

Screenshot 2023-08-15 at 16.15.11.png

While working on some new songs I decided to put some thoughts down to understand the process better. The resulting short film has helped me put a little perspective on the magical & elusive world of making music. I hope you enjoy it too. 


Watch "From Somewhere" here

April, 2023

Grateful for these several months of getting to compose music for some great visual stories. Trickles always lead to streams and a new record has presented itself. "Block Chain Party" is part of my "Music For Moving Pictures" collection. These are  instrumental rhythmic electro tracks with a touch of melancholic nostalgia - hey wait! that sounds like me :) 

Listen here, jazzy woodbines at the read. Enjoy. 

Listen  here.

Block chain Party cover.jpg

December, 2022


"Thanks, I'll Have Mine To Go" is a new album of ambient, post-rock delicacies which I wrote at the height of the pandemic whilst hiding out in the Tuscan hills. I'm overjoyed to be able to share this with you.  Happy listening!! 

Listen / download from here.

December, 2022

London Stories in the moniker I've started to use for some piano soundtracks I've been enjoying writing and I'm happy to be releasing the debut album, "Suggested Routes"

Listen / download from here.


August, 2022

I'm over the moon to finally be able to 'unveil' my "MUSIC FOR MOVING PICTURES". Many times I've had the immense pleasure of composing music for films & tv and some commercials as well - I love the challenge of writing to film and trying to create a piece of music that helps tell the story or highlight the emotion of what's happening on film. I also love the process of collaborating with directors and visual creators and figuring out not only what is going to work best but how I can hopefully surprise them and take it one step further to and take the music to a place they weren't expecting. So with that in mind, I've been composing music, since around the start of the pandemic, with films in mind. I've been writing to films playing in my imagination and I've thoroughly enjoyed adventuring into some unchartered musical territories for me. So here it is, "MUSIC FOR MOVING PICTURES", a catalogue of about 200 pieces of music I've composed in various styles, from folk to ambient and classical contemporary - with a bit of rock n roll for good measure, of course. I've included my most recent records as well in the catalogue with the instrumentals of each track. 

On the page you can search the individual songs by genre, mood, instrumentation & tempo. Alternatively you can browse the album page and look through all the music that way. 

All the tracks are available to stream / download for personal use and if you're interested in using any of the music on something YOU are working on, just get in touch. I'm also still writing bespoke pieces for projects which are not in the catalogue. 




April, 2022

I  recorded a cover of the beautiful "Trouble In Mind", sung by Big Bill Broonzy in the 1940s, Lightning Hopkins, Nina Simone and many more. It's a powerful track indeed.

Watch my recording here. 


Screenshot 2022-04-09 at 10.08.29.png

January 2022

Here's one of my all time favourites, the gospel blues standard, Satisfied Mind.  Watch the clip here.


January 2022

This month I'm finishing writing my first ever book. It's an adventure story that will have an accompanying musical undercurrent. More on the story and the book later but for now, I wanted to share some of the process so far. Here's a short  video clip. 


January 2022

Here's hoping 2022 is the year I can get back to my beloved road and play some shows! To start things off, I will be back at the Gladstone Arms on Sunday 23rd January, 8pm. To reserve a table just drop me a line, be quick as it will fill up! 

The Gladstone Arms.  64 Lant St, London SE1 1QN

Event page.


January, 2022

Continuing my series of covers of songs that mean the world to me I'm very happy to share with you, "Debris" by the great Ronnie Lane. This song was perfomed by The Faces on their 1971 record "A Nod Is As Good As A Wink To A Blind Horse". 

Watch my performance and hear my thoughts on it here.


Screenshot 2021-12-23 at 08.14.46.png

December 2021

My cover and thoughts on the magnificent "Long Way Home" by Tom Waits. Watch the clip here.


Screenshot 2021-12-09 at 11.05.14.png

December 2021

Here's my rendition of the timeless Blues Run The Game by the great Jackson C. Frank. Hear the tune and my thoughts on this truly beautiful song here.


December, 2021

Santa is on his way!!


For a limited time, here’s a 25% discount off anything on my web store. Fill up your stockings with some Franc vinyls & cds this year!  

Use the code : XMASCHEER on the checkout page for 25% off anything on my store. Visit store, here.


christmas special.jpeg

November, 2021

Screenshot 2021-11-21 at 15.17.55.png

I've made a list of my favourite songs of all time, there's 20 or so on the list so far. Some of them I already play others, like Spencer The Rover by John Martyn, I've been learning recently. This is such a beautiful song I really hope I've been able to do it justice!! 

Watch the video here  and let me know what you think?!

Thank you John!! 


,November, 2021

I'll be playing my first live show in over sixteen months, next Sunday 28th November at one of my favourite London haunts The Gladstone in Borough. This is a free show, I'm on at 8.30pm I hope you'll come and lend some friendly cheer as I will be very nervous indeed playing again live after so long. 

See you there!! 

Sunday 28th November
8.30pm. Free Entry
Gladstone Arms
64 Lant Street



Let My Love still 1.jpg

August, 2021

While the wheels of construction are turning and creative juices are flowing I've put together a short playlist of some of my favourite songs, as a way of an introduction of sorts to my music. 

I hope you'll share this spotify playlist. 

Thanks for listening and watch this space for some new creations very soon. 




Mar 14, 2021

I'm very pleased to share some new music with you today; I shared the first "London Stories" piano track with you a few months ago and today I am releasing a four song EP. These are all instrumental songs I wrote on the piano, inspired by daydreams and the eerie quiet in London during lockdown.  This is quite a departure from what you are used to hearing from me, but I hope you'll enjoy it and please let me know what you think. Listen here.



Feb 12, 2021

A case of the lockdown blues and the swell delay guitar pedal. Feeling the need to do a little sonic exploring of late, this is one of the things I've been working on. My folks had a painting called "Folding Time" by Henry Brittan Willis an English painter from the 19th century. It was in our living room when I was growing up, and long before I found music. It’s a small painting of cattle being led home at the day’s end. It's one of those things I saw when I was very young and has no doubt left an indelible mark I cant help but come back to, as some sort of reference point I suppose. I always loved the peaceful feeling of that pastoral setting, making it home safely before night time, for a new day awaits and adventure starts again. Knowing that the day’s unknown is rewarded by the safety of home, wherever that may be. That’s my entire song book right there :) 


I hope you enjoy this track, I might release this with a few others at some point! 


be well




Dec 23, 2020

Wishing you a peaceful Christmas time - as crazy and surreal as this one is - hope you are able to be near some of the ones you love. 
This is my all time favourite Christmas number, first interpreted by Judy Garland in the 1944 musical Meet Me In St Louis. I think it works beautifully with just an acoustic guitar - piano chords always translate so well in folk music, it sounds a bit jazzy and the song has that magic thing where it sounds both full of sorrow and joy. Here’s to the new year. Be safe stay well and wishing you a merry Christmas. Franc x



Nov 27, 2020

Pleased to share another new song with you today. Winter's Fall is the third track and final track I recorded with Dr. Bone (who produced amongst many also my hero John Martyn) at his beautiful Washoose Studio up in South Lanarkshire, Scotland at the end of August.


Like the first two tracks (Here In My Heart & Let My Love) this one was written during the first lockdown and was written just as an instinctive reaction to all the craziness. This will pass sisters and brothers! Stay safe and thank you for listening. ​

Listen / Watch on all platforms here.


Nov  6,  2020

Looking forward to starting another run of Saturday night online shows from my facebook page. I'll be playing from 6pm (UK time) on Saturdays, starting tomorrow November 7th. 

You dont need to have your own facebook page to watch the show. Just visit my page and you'll be grand.

See you then friends, thank you for listening.




Oct 23,  2020

I'm pleased to share with you a brand new song "Let My Love". 

This is the second track I recorded up at Washoose Studio in Scotland at the end of the summer. 

Love is courage, love is strength. Thanks for listening xx 

Watch the video here:

Listen/download on all platforms here


Oct 23, 2020

Today I'm also releasing a second song "Home", from a project called London Stories.


London Stories is a new collection of songs I started writing during lock down earlier this year. It's very far from anything I've written before - instrumental piano songs; Mercurial soundtracks from the urban landscape. I'm excited to share this first song, there will be an album out soon. 

Watch the video for "Home" here.

Listen/download on all platforms here.

Listen to more London Stories tracks :


Oct 15,  2020

After a seven month hiatus, I will be playing a live show this Friday, October 23rd in Florence Italy at La Chute club, Arci Progresso.


21.30. 1o euro 

Circolo Arci Progresso, Firenze

via V. Emanuele II, 135 Firenze 


Event page:



firenze gig.jpg

Sep 18, 2020


I am over joyed to be able to share a brand new song with you today.
"Here In My Heart" is a folksy ballad I wrote during lockdown, inspired by the space between us and being by the truth that distance can never keep us apart.

Thank you for listening; stay safe & stay true.


Watch / Listen:  here 

Aug 31 , 2020

"Here In My Heart" Single Release Sept 18th.

I'm very happy to be releasing some brand new music. Following on from the recording session at Washoose Studio in Scotland at the start of August I'll be releasing a single every month starting on September 18th

with the release of "Here In My Heart"; a folksy ballad I wrote during lockdown, inspired by the space between us.

You can pre-save the song on the platform of your choice from this link. A video for this song will follow shortly. Thanks for listening x 


Aug 15, 2020

I had the pleasure of travelling up to South Lanarkshire, Scotland the other week to spend a few days recording some new tracks I wrote during lock down, at the beautiful Washoose Recording Studio with producer Dr. Bone (who has produced amongst many others one of my big heroes Mr John Martyn) and his son Jamie Graham. It was a wonderful experience and the songs came out beautifully. I'll be releasing the first of the three tracks on September 18th, it's called "Here In My Heart". Cant wait for you to hear it. 

July 18 , 2020

The lockdown blues has encouraged me to go back to some of the songs I

dearly love and have inspired & influences my songwriting. I will be sharing a

couple of new peformances every week on my youtube channel.  There will be 

a few of mine amongst the covers. Enjoy and thanks for listening. 


Live Music GIF-downsized_large.gif

June 16, 2020

Very proud to have contributed a song to the marvellous record!!  'Human Devices'  contains 16 tracks from artists around the world. One live take of a track recorded straight to a device of their choice. All tracks were recorded on simple devices ie - Mobile Phone, Tape Recorder...The result is an intimately beautiful and extremely relevant album!.  All proceeds will be going to @helpmusicians an amazing charity which helps musicians in times of need.


Check out the album here

Thanks for listening

June 5 , 2020

Every Saturday for the month of June I will be continuing my weekly live

streams direct from my facebook page. Join me Saturdays at 6.00pm UK time.

Music is history to learn from

Music is freedom to speak

Music is power to change

Music is strength to learn

Screenshot 2020-05-14 at 15.33.16.png

May 14, 2020

"Four Walls" is taken from the Night Songs LP.  The video was made by Fraser Watson at Foilage Films. Watch all the Night Songs videos here.

Thank you for listening and please share the song freely amongst your nearest and dearest. Stay safe and be well. 

April 20, 2020

A spotify playlist containing Franc's complete recordings is now up and available to stream here.  Be sure to follow the playlist and share it amongst your nearest and dearest, some new tracks will be added to exlusively to the playlist soon.

April 1, 2020

The video for "Night Life", the closing song from the Night Songs LP is up today. The video was made by Fraser Watson at Foilage Films. Watch all the Night Songs videos here.


Mar  15, 2020

Visit the new webstore to purchase limited edition vinyls, cds and merch. Currently offering exclusive vinyl and cd "bundles" not available anywhere else.


Visit the webstore.

Franc_Record_Store_logo_good quality tra

Jan 5, 2020

Taken from the "Night Songs" album, "Rave On" is a folksome

glide through dreamy days and lonesome nights.

Watch the video starring the  illustrious Luna here. 


Dec 11, 2019

Gratitude & thanks to Folk Radio UK for making "Night Songs" their album of the month and Franc their artist of the month.

Read the Folk Radio interview here.

Read the Folk Radio review here

Screenshot 2020-04-22 at 17.30.52.png

Nov 20, 2019

Reviews for Night Songs have arrived...

"a rootsy bluesy folky confection" R2 Magazine 

"..for those moments when some mindfulness is needed, Franc Cinelli’s ‘Night Songs’ could be the ideal soundtrack to bathe yourself in." Folk Radio UK  ​

"Husky, folksy, loose and laid back. Eastern blends with western."  Americana UK

"‘Night Songs’ is one of the best Folk albums of 2019" Neon Music​

"A soundtrack to red wine, cold evenings and dark windows, a great listen." Northern Sky some of the full reviews here. 

Franc RnR 77edit.jpg

Oct 12, 2019

Screenshot 2020-05-14 at 15.46.31.png

"Stay Strange, burn slow & may your ideas take you places"

Here's the video for Stay Strange, the new single from Night Songs, shot in Studio B at the legendary Abernathy building. 

Watch the video here.

Sep 20, 2019

Pleased to announce the release of Franc's new album "Night Songs" available now on all platforms and stores. Purchase the limited edition vinyl (and cd) directly at the webstore. 

Following on from the his acclaimed The Marvel Age, Franc Cinelli returns with a long-awaited new album in September. Night Songs was written throughout the last year and recorded once again in his SongCircle Studio in West London and is probably his most soulful collection of material yet.

Having begun 2018 in New York City, creating a series of straight-to-vinyl 7” singles through Leesta Vall Recordings in Brooklyn, Cinelli returned to London to commence work on a new set of songs, some of which would eventually fall together in the completion of Night Songs. This new collection joins together a healthy dose of spiritual cleansing and demon conquering with the help of varied influences crossing both Eastern and Western folk music, from Blaze Foley and John Martyn to N. Ravikiran and Ravi Shankar.


“I suppose they’ve all come from a place of introspection,” he considers. “They were songs I needed to write, plain and simple. But the songs on the record definitely feel to me like they belong together and the title Night Songs helps me understand them better. There’s a special beauty found only in the stillness of night, in the silent lonely darkness dreams are born and reflections make way for answers. Night time isn’t the end of anything; it’s the beginning, it’s the seed of a brand new start.”

Playing guitar, keyboards and percussion, Cinelli is joined on Night Songs by his regular bandmates, Drew Manley on drums and Laurence Saywood on bass, alongside guest vocalist Chantal Brown from the band Vodun.

Born in Rome, Franc moved to London at a young age, learning to play violin and guitar while surrounded by a wide range of musical influences from Muddy Waters to Lucio Dalla. Like all good troubadours, he spent a lot of time touring before making his first records. His previous album The Marvel Age received effusive coverage from the likes of RNR, Classic Rock and Acoustic magazines, as well as Folk Radio UK who rated it Album of the Month, while his songs have been played on BBC national and regional shows, including Dermot O’Leary, Janice Long and Roddy Hart. 

MULE FREEDOM PR. For interview requests please contact Gerry Ranson at MuleFreedom PR 

Listen to the album here.

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